Bag filters are also commonly called fabric dust collectors that are used in large industrial units for separating dust particles from dusty gases. These types of bag filters can achieve efficiency level of almost 99% for collection of very fine particulates. Dust laden gases enter the structure of bag house and passed through fabric bag that acts as a filter. Bag filters are the most efficient and cost effective type of industrial dust collectors. Bags used in bag filters are made using different kind of fabrics like cotton, synthetic or glass fiber material. The shape of the bag is either like a tube or an envelope.

We are Offering a wide range 0f Bag Filters. These are highly-efficient for removing dust particles and solid contaminants present in air exhaust gases. The dust particles collected inside the bag are removed either by manual, mechanical, electrical or reversed air cleaning. Our bag filters are made using premium grade of metal, high grade of fabric and very high grade of motor which makes our bag filters the most efficient among all our competitors.